PCT Logistics, Inc. [PCT] is a premier temperature-controlled freight and logistics provider for clients who want a logistical advantage above the competition in their marketplace. We strive to be the most dependable supply chain partner and the very best vendor working on behalf of our customers.

PCT is led by a team of highly experienced business managers each with more than twenty years of experience in shipping freight effectively. These executives pride themselves on excellent customer service, perfect attention-to-detail, and responsive communication throughout our business network. These impressive character qualities are fundamental in driving our success.

We understand that freight operations can be very challenging. When a client chooses us as their solution, we take the process of organizing shipments, assigning pick-ups, and tracking deliveries very seriously in order to reduce the complexity of moving freight. We are committed to providing a comprehensive freight solution that will clearly reduce the stress in logistics whereby giving you the confidence that your freight is safe, secure and arrives according to schedule.

We look forward to working with you!