California, Oregon & Washington LTL (Less Than Truckload) Wine Transport Rates

With our refrigerated air-ride equipment we can transport your LTL (less-than-truckload) palletized case good wine throughout California, Washington and Oregon, consolidate your shipments, and deliver less-than-truckload shipments to distributors and big box retailers nationwide.

We have built our terminals and LTL wine transport services for the needs of the wine industry. We offer reliable LTL freight service with exceptional consolidation capabilities and low less-than-pallet minimums. Our terminals and freight services are reliable locally and throughout the United States, with major wine consolidation terminals near you in California and Texas.

See shipping rates for our local LTL services below. If you are looking for single case wine shipments within California, try our Wine Retail Delivery Service , for our OTR {over-the-road} here.

Below rates based on standard case of wine stacked 56 per pallet ($/cs)

*Fuel Surcharge will be added to this rate     

*Rates may be subject to Surge Charges     
*Rates, Fuel Surcharges, and Surge Charges subject to change     


Fuel Surcharge (i)

(1/1/2021 23.00%)
(2/1/2021 23.50%)
(3/1/2021 26.00%)
(4/1/2021 28.50%)
(5/1/2021 28.50%)
(6/1/2021 29.50%)
(7/1/2021 30.00%)
(7/19/2021 30.50%)
(8/2/2021  31.50%)
(9/1/2021  31.50%)
(10/1/21   32.00%)
(10/15/21  33.00%)
(11/1/21   35.00%)
(11/29/21  37.00%
(effective 12/28/2021 36.50%)

Surge Charge (i)

After-hours Delivery
(other than 8am – 3pm)
Excessive Detention Location
(when service occurs at known high-detention locations; you will be notified upon order)
10% charge, max $100
Lumper $1 per case
min $50
max $1,232
Liftgate $75 min
Pallet Exchange per Pallet $15
Redelivery $100
(same day pickup or delivery)
$100 min
Holding Storage $100 min daily
Credit Card Convenience Fee 3.2%
Special Handling Fee (This occurs when a shipment requires special handling, you must notify us in advance) 10%-50% when notified in advance
Otherwise up to 65%

Cancellation Charges (Cancellation without a 24 hour notice)

Cancellation Charges (Cancellation any time)



(**)Designates NOT in the overnight service area. Shipments to/from these service areas < 112cs will have pickup fees as listed in our Retail Rates card. These shipments will be billed as LA County or SF/Napa + the corresponding Retail Rate per case unless otherwise quoted.