After-hours Delivery (other than 8am – 3pm) $174
Appointment Delivery Charge $35 – $75 by location
Cancellation Charges Without 24 hr notice $75 minimum; Cancel any time $25
Credit Card Convenience Fee 3.2%
Excessive Detention 12% charge, max $150
FSC - Fuel Service Charge - West Coast 38.0%
FSC - Fuel Service Charge - USA 26.0%
FSC - Fuel Service Charge - Historical Rates West Coast See All
Holding Storage $125 minimum daily
Liftgate or Box Truck Required $100 minimum, also dependent upon location and shipment weight
Lumper $1.25 per case, min $100, max $1,540
Out of Service Area (identified at the time of order placement) Varies by Location
Pallet Exchange per Pallet $16.50 per pallet
Redelivery $150 minimum
Re-Wrapping Pallets $50 per pallet
Rush (same day pickup or delivery) $175 minimum
San Francisco Surcharge By location - % of order, maximum charge $58
Sort and Segregation (pallet breakdown) $100 minimum
Southern California Surcharge By location - % of order, maximum charge $58
Special Handling Fee (This occurs when a shipment requires special handling, you must notify us in advance) 10% – 50% when notified in advance