Servicing the Central and Eastern US Regions

Our Carrollton, Texas terminal is a full-service refrigerated LTL (less-than-truckload) wine transport and wine-freight consolidation point. Presently this Carrollton location combined with our other 24-hour terminals allow us to quickly pick up, consolidate and shuffle product across the US for our customers like no other carrier. We are in heart of Dallas county, with over 20,000 square feet of warehouse facilities. As a result of our centralized strategic location, we can offer a variety of pickup and delivery solutions within Texas, across the southeast to Florida, and up the eastern seaboard to New Jersey.

With our variety of equipment, including box trucks, flatbeds and 53-foot refrigerated trailers, we can conveniently accommodate a wide range of your local and long-distance needs, including less-than-pallet shipments, truckload transfers, and box truck retail deliveries. See below for a list of services provided.

With our strategically placed terminals in multiple states, we are able to transport your shipments quickly and provide national coverage.

Please contact us for specifics and shipping rates on our most reliable pickup and delivery areas; submit a free quote or call 805-239-9500

Transport & Warehouse Services at This Location

  • Freight Consolidation & Transport

  • OTR Truckloads from Coast-to-Coast

  • LTL Service

  • Local Truckloads, Transfers and Direct Import

  • Refrigerated Trailers & Box Trucks

  • Export Container Loading & Unloading

  • Common Carrier Zone Skipping

  • Ice Block Repack

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Big Box Appointed Deliveries

  • Reverse Logistics, Deconsolidation


  • Great People and an Excellent Team

  • Safe & Reliable Equipment

  • Single Carrier Solution

  • Fast Transit Times

  • Temperature Controlled Environments

  • One price solution, simple billing

  • Normalized Pricing, Annual Contracts

  • Seven days a week pickup

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Big Box Appointed Deliveries

  • Reverse Logistics, Deconsolidation

Onsite Terminal Managers

The onsite terminal manager for the Carrollton warehouse is David Basinger.  David has been working specifically in the wine, beer and spirits warehousing and transport category and is widely known throughout the industry. He is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all shipments/loads for this facility and making the on-the-ground decisions, modifying the freight routing plan at the local level to ensure your freight is picked up and delivered on time. If you have a question about the status of your wine in this region then David is your contact, 805-423-7571.


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